Why Exhibit or Sponsor

Why should you exhibit or sponsor?


At the 2014 ACCA-AZ Tradeshow you can:

  • Make multiple sales calls in one day. Limit cost of travel and see numerous customers in one trip. Use this tradeshow to create exceptional face-to-face selling opportunities.

  • Launch new products and improve brand awareness. Research shows that some words have far greater impact on both the conscious and subconscious areas of the human brain, and “new” is near the top of this list. Exhibition visitors want to see new ideas, products, services, applications, and your future plans, and you should show as much and as many of these as possible.

  • See buyers not usually accessable for sales calls. Research shows that directors senior and managers attend trade shows, either as visitors, speakers or fellow exhibitors. This is an excellent opportunity to see people who often are shielded from telephone calls by their staff and who feel that less senior managers should be dealing with the more “traditional” sales calls.

  • Demonstrate products. Brochures, videos and even CD-ROMs are all very well, but nothing beats being able to show your product in a working situation for your visitors to see how it can apply to their needs.

  • Reach customers at a low cost per call. It’s true; research conducted in the US and Canada - and repeated in the UK - confirms that, for producing actual leads, no form of marketing is cheaper than the exhibition.

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