Optimizing Your Sales Process

The “Sales Process” includes everything from your marketing and advertising performance to the quality of your customer service representatives; CallSource will help you at every step along the way.  If you are in need of a healthier marketing plan and an increase in customer service conversion rates, then the CallSource Results program could be a helpful tool for you. CallSource acts as a filter and a coach for your business and provides a solution for the following questions and problems many contractors face:

1.    Do you ever feel like there is not enough time in your day to focus on your business?
Well, now you can have that time and increase your bottom line while doing so.  The CallSource Team will save you time and increase your profitability through their Results Program.  By listening to EVERY call for you and allowing you to understand what ads are actually working you will stop wasting time on ads that don’t perform.  We know you are a business owner and very busy therefore we do all the “heavy lifting” for you.     

2.    Have you ever wanted to be more accurate with your numbers and eliminate any guesswork while driving more profitability?
CallSource will eliminate all marketing guesswork and allow you to know your true numbers.  Instead of asking over the phone: “where did you find our number today”, the Results Program will actually do this step for you.  Through unique telephone numbers on each ad source, the platform will itemize each call and let you know where the caller truly got your number.  This has become a great tool for reallocation of marketing dollars as well as negotiation tools with individual ad sources.  More accurate numbers will help you drive more profit into your business.

3.    Based on best practices, would you like to know how you compare to top contractors in your industry?
Rich Morgan, Julie Howard, Jeff Martin, and Laura DiFilippo are all leaders in the industry and have tools in their business that might help you.  Why would you not want to know what the top performers within your industry are doing to be successful?  Results are based on sharing best practices within the network; there could be business practices that the ACCA Chairwoman in Pennsylvania uses to find success that we could share with you.  By communicating the ways of the industry’s top performers CallSource will show you where you stack up and help you grow in the areas you want to focus on.

4.    Would you benefit from non-biased, 3rd party training for your call handlers?
Removing the emotionality from coaching your customer service representatives will greatly increase production.  Based on 2500 Home Improvement clients, CallSource have used the Results Program to find that having a 3rd party train your team is very beneficial.  Call-to-appointment percentages have increased as much as 30% with individual CSRs who have been trained on this platform.  Again, by sharing best practices, ACCA specialized call advisors will spend time with your front office staff on a monthly basis.

Ultimately CallSource is like having a personal trainer for your marketing and customer service teams.  Our ACCA-AZ President Rich Morgan of Magic Touch Mechanical, Julie Howard of Howard Air and Jeff Martin of Day & Night Air Conditioning are among hundreds of ACCA members across the country that have already discovered the many benefits of being a CallSource client. Results will greatly increase your company’s overall profitability by improving your marketing efficiency and lead conversion rates, plus it can also provide assistance in recouping potentially lost revenue.

ACCA-AZ contractors who sign up with CallSource before August 20, 2012 will receive a 60-day FREE trial.  There is no cost or obligation with the trial and billing is always month to month beyond the evaluation period.

For more information please reach out to our ACCA-AZ CallSource Representative, Josh:
Josh Oosterhof
Account Executive
PHONE: 818.673.1403 | FAX: 877.288.9001
31280 Oak Crest Dr. | Westlake Village, CA 91361
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